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Buffalo USB HDD RecoveryIf your USB hard drive does not work and you can’t access your data, we can help you!

USB Hard Drive Recovery specialists have vast experience in external USB hard drive recovery. USB hard drives are usually used with Macs, PCs and laptop computers to archive or back up data. Unfortunately USB external HDDs do fail and as a result, users experience loss of data. Most people assumes if a hard drive fails or is dead, data is lost for ever and data recovery is not possible. This assumption is wrong. Even if the USB external hard dive has suffered a physical failure as a result of a electronic circuit damage or shock, fall or exposure to liquid or extreme temperature, a USB hard drive recovery specialist can temporarily repair the hard disk using parts from an identical donor hard drive and clone the disk. The virtual clone created from the repaired hard drive is then used to recover the data container or what is known to computer users as “disk partition”. Once the disk partition is recovered, data can be extracted from the virtual clone and saved onto another media.

If your USB hard drive has failed, go to a specialist USB hard drive recovery company!

Hard Drive Recovery

When a user searches for “USB hard drive recovery” on the internet, they find many companies who claim they are able to recover data from a faulty external hard drive. Some of these companies do not have the right skills or expertise to perform a successful data recovery and may damage the prospects of a successful data recovery by a real data recovery company. Computer users and hard drive owners must choose their hard drive recovery service provider carefully and should not necessarily judge data recovery by cheaper quotes given to them over the phone. In hard drive recovery, the quality of the data recovery must be supreme and price alone cannot be the determining factor in choosing a data recovery company. A good data recovery company will not charge for hard disk fault diagnosis or quotes. Also if they are confident that they can deliver a successful data recovery, they must not charge customers if they fail to recover data from the faulty disk.  A reputable data recovery company with ISO-certified clean-room and specialist hardware and software in a controlled environment with many years experience in data recovery is highly recommended. Such a company will certainly have a lot of positive customer feedback which are displayed clearly on their website.

Quality USB Hard Drive Recovery GuaranteedData Recovery Quality Guaranteed

USB Hard Drive Recovery (aka Data Recovery Lab) do have many years experience in recovering data from faulty hard drive. They have been serving both business and private customers since 2001 and have an excellent track record in successful data recovery cases. We have an ISO-certified data recovery lab in London and employ highly experienced data recovery technicians who are regularly trained so that their knowledge and experience in USB hard drive recovery is up-to-date. We do not charge for quotes, parts, collections or deliveries. We do not charge if we fail to recover your data. In fact there are NO hidden charges and we do not give you a lower price over the phone to lure you into sending or bringing your hard drive to our workshop and then increase the prices. We always provide our customers with a firm quote after we have examined your faulty hard disk as it it virtually impossible to provide any quote over the phone.

IPDRA MemberUSB Hard Drive Recovery trading as Data Recovery Doctor, is a member of International Professional Data Recovery Association (IPDRA). See membership list here. We constantly have a excellent reviews by customers who have used our data recovery services. See customer feedback here.

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