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USB Hard Drive RecoveryWe recover data from USB hard drives and we are good at it!

Using USB hard drives have become very common among businesses and private individuals for purpose of data storage and data backup. There all types and sizes of USB hard drives on the market. Nowadays the data sizes start from 500GB and can go up to 8TB (8000GB). USB hard drive with a physical size of 2’5″ normally range from 500GB to 2000GB (2TB) using a single hard drive. USB hard drives with a physical sizes of 3’5″, can go up to 8000GB (8TB) but may use a single or mutiple 3’5″ hard drives in an enclosure to make up a 4TB or 8TB USB hard drive. It is now possible to have a single 3’5″ 4000BG (4TB) USB hard drive but beyond this size USB HDD  manufacturers such as Hitachi, G-Tech, Seagate, Western Digital, Freecom, Iomega, Buffalo, LaCie, Samsung, LG, Qnap and Synology have to use a RAID0 configuration. This means they have to configure 4 hard drive with a size of 2TB as RAID0 to achieve a size of 8TB. In simple terms this is like to stacking up 4 batteries with 1.5 volts to make a battery which is 6 volts.

With the advent of USB3, the speed of data transfer between the computers can up to 40 times faster than USB2. This means copying data to and from your USB3 hard drive will be phenomenally fast. However when USB hard drive fails and you do not have any other backup, you must to go to a USB hard drive recovery specialist.

QNAP-NAS-HDDUSB Hard Drive Recovery aka Data Recovery Lab specialise in USB hard drive recovery and have been helping both private and business customers to recover data from both USB2, USB3, USB RAID0 hard drives. For a FREE consultation, call 0203 633 2082.

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